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Canon is the FC Danborg specialist when it comes to free kicks and penalty kicks.


The audience yell BRAVO and applauds enthusiastically each time he makes a free kick or a penalty kick because he has an unbelievable powerful and very precise football kick.

7 canon staar-med-bolde

Games played for FC Danborg: 280
Goals scored: 79

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In the previous game of FC Danborg, Canon used his coolest trick – he placed the ball in one of the top corners of the goal with great speed and out of reach for the goalkeeper. “What happened?” The goalie did not even have time to understand that Canon had just scored.


“Last season was a very special time for me! Scoring so many goals by free kicks and penalty kicks is the best feeling in the world – and in the last season there were quite a few! Each free kick makes me happy. It is so much fun to hear the audience yell BRAVO and applaud when I score an excellent goal”, Canon says.