10 ryg  Hattrick 10 bryst front2

Hattrick is the best and super cool goal scorer of the FC Danborg team. He is almost invincible because he is super quick and also he is one of the best strikers in the world! Therefore, we all agreed that he should wear shirt number 10.

10 stemning1                             

Games played for FC Danborg: 367
Goals scored: 212



He is the best friend – always friendly, happy and smiling. 

At a recent football match, Hattrick scored 9 goals of which 2 were free kicks, 2 were penalty kicks, 1 was a header, 3 were the most fantastic dribbles and 1 was a long shot. The best goal was when Hattrick made the long shot from the midfield, from where the football made a screw and tricked the goalkeeper. That was awesome!


10 kunst

10 hoved  10 8