3 ryg  Stratego

                                                                      stratego 1        

Gamen played: 155
Goals scored: 2

Blabla-JUMPER-blablabla-SHOOT TO-blabla-CANON-blablabla...

Talking so fast that only the FC Danborg players can understand him, Stratego explains the game strategy. He does not know the competitors but nonetheless he knows exactly how to win the game with his super intelligent strategy.

stratego 2 stratego 3

Nobody has an overview of the field as Stratego.

TO THE RIGHT, JUMP, FOR HATTRICK, FOR CANON! – and no one can yell as Stratego.

Everybody on the pitch can hear his yelling which creates echoes through the entire stadium.

Sometimes the sound waves from his voice are so powerful that the competitors are pushed over.

Stratego has always has a strategy and he can plan his way out of every challenge. Even if the opposing team parks the team bus in front of the goal, Stratego will find a way to get the ball in the net again.

stratego 4