FC Danborg has new football loving friends!

Hattrick and all his team mates loooove football! So recently they decided that it was about time they shared their joy for football with others – because football is of course the best and funniest game that exits!

So Hattrick, Canon and all the others decided to have a competition where people could win the FC Danborg sportswear. The competition has now ended and 11 lucky winners have been found!

“It is awesome that an entire junior football team now has the opportunity to play with our cool FC Danborg sportswear and that 10 other juniors now each have a new FC Danborg T-shirt” laughs Hattrick and his team mates who are thrilled that the team spirit of FC Danborg is spreading and giving others a lot of football joy.

As an extra prize all the winners that attended the award ceremony got samples of the delicious luncheon meats that Chef always uses when he cooks the mega tasty sandwiches for his team mates.


Gagneurs de concours FC Danborg

Congratulations for all the winners from FC Danborg – the champions’ favourite!